What we value most – Our guiding lights throughout our day

Our clear values shape our team’s professional conduct every day. Below are the things we value most. 

1. Be Personable – Keep it fun


Organising a holiday should be fun! All the anticipation and those endless possibilities. Island Escapes strive to make the process just that – fun. We’re friendly and relaxed and happy to chat to our clients, sharing our travel experience in an effort to enrich theirs.

2. Act – Don’t Wait

Pro Active

We’re not the biggest player in the market….and we like it that way. By being small and personal we can think outside the box. We can change course when we need to. We aren’t constrained by big company mentalities and hidden incentives. Our recommendations and advice are provided with a genuine interest in sending you on your perfect escape.

3. Be Real – Keep It Honest


We’ve maintained relationships with many of our clients and our industry suppliers (our airlines, ground transfer operators and hotels) for over a decade. These relationships are vital to our ongoing success and have been forged on respect and honesty. We are not in the business of making a quick dollar. We are in the business of sending people on their dream escape and getting them the best value their holiday dollar will buy.

4. Stay Smart – Keep Learning


When it comes to our destinations, we’ve been there and we’ve done it. And if we haven’t personally done it, we know where to go to find the person that has!   We’ve slept in the beds, eaten the food, swum in their pools, used their facilities, wandered through their community. We’re passionate about sharing our stories, expertise and insights. We love travel and we love inspiring others to join in the adventure and experience the incredible beauty that our destinations offer.