No One Escapes Love – A Holiday Collection by Island Escapes

Romantic escapes hot enough to make your heart melt.

Love. Try as you may, you will never escape its clutches. The magic, mystery and heady mayhem of it all have a knack of surprising you at the least expected moments.

And when it happens there’s no better way to celebrate the rapture of your ensuing romance than to escape together to a private couples retreat where you can indulge in cherished moments alone.

We don’t propose to be love experts, but we do know a thing or two about the perfect island escapes for couples. In fact, we admit to having island ‘crushes’ on a select few.

Love is grand. Island love is grander.

Visit our chosen resorts below and you’ll instantly see why we’re so infatuated with our selection of couples only retreats.

Island crush – The Havannah, VANUATU.