Visionaries? Entrepreneurs? Bold leaders that go where no other small company will venture? Or travel enthusiasts who still firmly believe that the provision of personalised service and product knowledge adds enormous value to their customer’s booking process and travel experience? We’re a bit of all these things.

Margie Lee-Fong

A Company Founder and Overseer of all things to do with Reservations

Margie - Director - Island Escapes

The ultimate diplomat and staff trainer, Margie looks after her Reservations department with a fair hand and enormous pride. She is the keeper of the knowledge of all things pertaining to Fiji and Thailand and there is no problem she cannot solve. She is also our social media guru with her finger in many online pies.

Angie Devine

A Company Founder and Overseer of all things to do with Travel Agent Sales

Angie - Director - Island Escapes

As the face of Island Escapes within the Australian Travel Industry, Angie’s tireless efforts to ensure the continued mutual support between ourselves and our amazingly loyal, experienced and valued travel agents see her travel far and wide spreading the Island Escapes word. If it’s product training, event organising or the occasional dressing up for sales calls, Angie is your girl.

Marilyn Lynch

A Company Founder and Overseer of all things behind the scenes

Marilyn - Director - Island Escapes

Our brochures, web travel blogs, accounts, Company admin and all things South Pacific product related sit in Marilyn’s busy in tray. It’s a mixed bag that keeps her on her toes but (between you and me) she loves the daily challenges her many different hats bring. Her role is many things, but boring isn’t one of them.

Farid Hacene

Our Marketing Guru and Overseer of all things to do with our website

Farid Hacene - National Marketing Manager

With more years marketing experience than he cares to admit, Farid joined Island Escapes in 2014 and took our rather ad hoc approach to marketing and turned it into a lean machine that bats well above its weight. He works closely with all our industry partners to ensure that the Island Escapes brand continues to go from strength to strength

And the most crucial people at Island Escapes …Our Team!


Our Incredibly knowledgeable destination specialists that help make holiday dreams a reality


Emma - Island Escapes Reservations


Cassie - Island Escapes - Reservations


Jenny - Island Escapes Reservations


Alison - Island Escapes


Krystle - Island Escapes Reservations


Sovanna - Island Escapes Reservations


Sarah Island Expert


Administration and Accounts

The vital folk without whom we would simply stop functioning


Brittany - Island Escapes


Pauline - Island Escapes


Ange - Island Escapes


Lisa - Island Escapes

Sales and Marketing

Sales calls, our website, flyers, industry functions – these girls provide enormous support to their divisions


Jo - Sales and Marketing - Island Escapes