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Island Escapes is proudly recognised as one of Australia’s top boutique travel wholesale companies specialising in leisure packages to Fiji, Thailand, The Cook Islands, Samoa and Vanuatu. We provide a superior level of service for travel agents seeking a more personalised holiday booking experience for their clients. Far from the ordinary. Beyond commonplace. Fabulous island destinations. We’ve partnered with only the best boutique & unique island resorts in exotic locations – rich in culture, delicious cuisine, relaxation and adventure.

From 3 we are now 22. Our office is significantly bigger. Our phone system more high tech. Our core destinations have expanded to include ThailandSamoaVanuatu and the Cook Islands. Yet the principles on which we founded the business remain true because we firmly believe good customer service, superior product knowledge and a genuine effort to do the right thing by our clients NEVER goes out of fashion.

We are real people expertly booking really great holidays.

CALL our hotline on 1300 305 870  and give us a try.

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