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What’s so good about Castaway Island Fiji?

Understanding the magic that is Castaway

Over 50 years in business and Castaway is still considered one of the most popular family resorts in Fiji. Here’s a few of her secrets…

Castaway Island Fiji has long been considered one of the ‘sure bets’ for consistently providing great family holiday experiences. With so many Fiji family holiday resorts to choose from, and considering the property is over 50 years old, what is it that makes this resort so special?

Here’s a few of the resort attributes that tick the boxes for us…

  • Great Seasonal Specials. Offered year round. Generous with travel date options good compared to other resorts. And considering the private island experience they are excellent value for money. See latest here. 
  • The staff become family. With Fiji’s love of family, all Fiji resorts are very welcoming but Castaway seems to nail the ‘home away from home’ feeling better than most. We believe this is due to the longevity of their staff members and their ability to remember return guest names. At the helm is Steven Andrews – recently awarded the title of Bulanaire as part of Tourism Fiji’s latest happiness campaign.
  • The beauty of the island and accessibility. 174 acres of awesome! Castaway is fortunate to be on one of Fiji’s most beautiful private islands. A remote feeling normally only afforded by the outer islands of Fiji yet still so easily accessible from the mainland.
  • An authentic Fiji experience. Some of the newer island resorts around the same price point as Castaway are absolutely spectactular in terms of architectural design and decor but if you want the REAL Fiji and you can forego 5-star luxurious bathrooms and fussy fittings, Castaway is hard to beat. The no-TV tastefully furnished bures are super quaint and comfy and offer that authentic island ‘been here forever beach shack’ feel. From the moment you arrive with the gorgeous welcome from the family, it truly feels as if you’ve simply washed ashore and have stumbled upon a hidden island Nirvana. Magic!
  • Generally always rave reviews + high return guest rate. When you’ve a choice of any resort anywhere in the world yet you return religiously to just one every year, it must be a special place offering the ideal holiday experience you crave. Whether it be for the activities, the natural beauty, the organic food or the family, Castaway enjoys rave reviews on travel sites with most saying this little gem of an island in the Mamanuca group is the “Best Island Holiday Ever!”
  • A little quirk at work! Castaway is a little quirky – personality with a capital “P” – sort of like that friend you have who doesn’t mind wearing odd socks and dances like crazy in the rain. It’s the little unexplainable differences that make you fall in love with her after you’ve visited a couple of times. We attribute this to her strong island history, well-established operations, her perfect imperfections and the fact the happy staff at Castaway are influenced so positively by their GM – one of the friendliest GM’s in Fiji. It’s just a fun feeling you get. You’ll understand what we mean when you’re there.

For these points and a plethora of others, Castaway consistently welcomes return guests to the island year after year.

That is the magic of Castaway.

Meet Steven Andrews – Castaway’s General Manager since 2005.

Steven has recently earned the title of Bulanaire as part of Tourism Fiji’s latest marketing campaign that celebrates people from around the globe who are truly rich – rich in happiness! View Castaway Island Pass To Happiness deal and be rich in happiness too!

PHOTO COURTESY OF RESORT: Castaway back in 1992
PHOTO COURTESY OF RESORT: Castaway back in 1992
PHOTO COURTESY OF RESORT: Castaway circa 1980’s
PHOTO COURTESY OF RESORT: Castaway circa 1980’s
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