10 Things to do in Vanuatu

  • Dive the President Coolidge (Espiritu Santo)

The SS President Coolidge is legendary among dive enthusiasts. The largest wreck dive in the world, this 22,000 ton luxury liner was converted to a troop ship and sank fully laden, during World War II only metres from the beach. Explore the decks and passage ways full of war relics and personal effects or spend your time gazing at the
thousands of fish and marine life that now call this wreck home.  This genuinely is Disneyland ™ for scuba divers.

  • Stand on the crater of the world’s most accessible active Volcano (Tanna Island)

Located on Tanna Island, a visit to Mt Yasur at sunset as she spews rock and molten lava 100’s of metres in the air, is one of life’s most humbling experiences.  When the earth beneath your feet rumbles and the smouldering crater bellows into action sending forth its thick sulphur and ash laden cloud, you can’t help but be humbled by its power, its might and its fearsome brute force. Read more…

  • Kayak and swim in a Blue Hole (Espiritu Santo)

One of nature’s gifts, these exquisitely blue swimming holes occur when fresh water comes to the surface through layers of limestone and coral.  A perfect spot to take comfort from the tropical heat.

  • Bear witness to the land divers of Pentecost

Long before bungee jumping, the boys (some as young as 7) and men from Pentecost  jumped from a 20 – 40 metre high manmade tower with only a vine tied around their ankles.  This land diving ritual (Nagon or N’gol) still occurs on Saturdays between April and June only.

  • Go Cultural

No visit to Vanuatu is complete without a cultural or community tour.  Eat the local food, dance a traditional Ne Van dance and enjoy the local tipple (kava). The more remote the region, the more incredible the experience.

  • Eat!

The South Pacific is not generally renowned for its food but this once French outpost has some fabulous restaurants on offer.  Try the renowned Santo Beef, the freshest seafood or the fruit bat…..and everything in between.

  • Swim in Mele Cascades (Efate)

Grab your bathers and your reef walkers (or some kind of walking shoe that can get wet) and wander through the lush vegetation, streams, rivers and into the cascades.  For the more adventurous, try abseiling down them.

  • Be Active!

Mornings spent zip lining, horseback riding, hiking, snorkelling, exploring the local markets, kayaking, fishing or off road in an ATV.  Afternoons spent languishing by the pool or in the Spa.  The perfect holiday combination!

  • Swim in Champagne Beach (Espiritu Santo)

Truly one of the most jaw droppingly beautiful beaches in the world.

  • Sunset Cruise in Port Vila Harbour

What better way to complete a day in paradise…..

The Escape Artist