What a journey. The perfect time to reflect

From day one (23 October 2003 to be precise:)), Island Escapes was not just about selling holidays. Our vision was to share the unparalleled beauty of the South Pacific. Two decades later, this passion remains unchanged. We are, at our core, natural travel enthusiasts who believe in the transformative power of travel. It’s our conviction that personalised service and deep product knowledge add significant value to every traveller’s experience. In a digital age, a simple call to Island Escapes remains far more enriching than countless hours on the internet.

Challenges met with resilience

Our journey has not always been smooth sailing. We faced a handful of tropical cyclones, island storms, and the unparalleled challenges of a global pandemic. The Australian travel industry found itself grappling with unprecedented hurdles. Yet, it was during these turbulent times that the resilience of Island Escapes shone the brightest. It was tough, but our core team showcased an unwavering spirit, adapting, evolving, and ensuring that, as the world began its healing process, we were ready and equipped to reignite countless travel dreams.

The strength of partnership

As we trace 20 years of steps, we realise that our resilience was not a solitary endeavour. It was magnified and strengthened by our luxury travel partners – both agents and island resorts in all of our destinations. Your unwavering trust, consistent collaboration, and enduring relationships have been the bedrock of our journey. In an industry where precision and excellence are not just words but a way of life, your loyalty and belief in our vision have been our guiding stars.

Gratitude and anticipation

As we mark this 20-year milestone, our hearts are full of gratitude. Every booking, every shared memory, every piece of feedback—they’re not just business metrics. They’re cherished chapters of our shared narrative. They remind us that while destinations may change and offerings might evolve, our core commitment to crafting unparalleled island experiences remains as steadfast as ever.

A final heartfelt thanks – let’s party like it’s 2003!

To our esteemed travel partners and travel booking customers, this 20-year journey would not have been possible without you. Your unwavering support and belief in our mission have been instrumental. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being an integral part of Island Escapes’ legacy. We cannot wait to write future chapters with you.

Marilyn, Margie, Farid and the Island Escapes Team


Vinaka Castaway Island Fiji for your rendition of “Happy Long Life” wishes

Please enjoy some random piccies of our 20 year journey below PLUS a beautiful “Happy Long Life” rendition by the beautiful Castaway Fiji Family. It reminded us of what beautiful, thoughtful hosts you are, Castaway. Vinaka! Special thanks to the young guest who joined in to sing to us too!

Press play, listen and reminisce with us. 

Play Video about Island Escapes 20th Birthday Happy2 Long Life to You from Castaway Island Fiji mov
In the beginning - Island Escapes Founders
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