Fiji Travel 2022

Fiji Travel in 2021 and 2022

Fiji Hotels and Resorts have have plenty of time to get ready for a post-coronavirus world. Read what Tourism Fiji has been implementing to ensure safety for all. Tourism Fiji are 100% ready for the post-COVID-19 rush as soon as borders open.

World-class effort preparing for a post-COVID-19 world.

Back in March 2020, as the world reeled from the initial impacts of COVID, Fiji’s Government imposed strict border protections, lockdowns and curfews with an immediacy that put many nations to shame. Those early protections, together with ongoing strict quarantine procedures, have to date, kept its people safe from community transmission (290 days + and counting) and allowed them to live a COVID free life.

With tourism contributing up to 40% to the country’s GDP, much of 2020 was spent preparing for the safe return of international tourists when travel is permitted, culminating in the Care Fiji Commitment (CFC) released in the last quarter of 2020 and developed in line with World Health Organisation guidelines.

Swift Implementation of  the Care Fiji Commitment

The Care Fiji Commitment – what is it?

In brief, nearly 200 tourism partners in Fiji including the resorts, transport providers, Fiji Airways and local tourism operators have adopted the country wide, multi-pronged program which includes enhanced standards of safety, health protocols and various measures that will allow them to implement best practice COVID mitigation measures. Participating operators have completed training programs as well as designating an on-staff ‘wellness ambassador’ who will act as a COVID guest liaison and ensure compliance.

Additionally, Fiji has local testing facilities, WHO approved isolation facilities, drop-in fever centres for guests who feel unwell after their arrival, a dedicated COVID-19 hotline, and clear procedures in place for any suspected cases.

Ethical Tourism – Visitor Obligations

Keeping locals safe is a major priority and the CFC comprehensively outlines the obligations of the traveller, including now standard COVID procedures (social distancing, hand washing, etc) as well as requesting we download the new careFIJI smartphone app which utilizes non-tracking Bluetooth technology that operates under a strict privacy preserving framework.

Flexibility is key

Visitors to Fiji are also requested to adopt a flexible travel approach and postpone if they or a member of their party feel unwell prior to departure or liaise with the Wellness Ambassador if they develop any symptoms whilst in Fiji. Likewise, many resorts are extending greater flexibility with deposit and refund terms for those directly affected by international border closures and/or COVID infections.

Full Care Fiji Commitment details can be found here.

Fiji Airways – Fly the Diamond Standard

In February 2021, Fiji Airways was awarded the highest attainable standard for travel safeguards in a COVID19 world by the Airline Passenger Experience Association and Simpliflying.  Diamond Certification was achieved by Fiji’s national carrier, following an intensive audit process that investigated 58 areas across 10 stages of the customer’s airline experience, and provides guests reassurance that they are flying on an airline that practices hospital grade safety measures.  Fiji Airways Travel Ready

And remember, this IS Fiji

Additional to this of course, are some basic Fiji fundamentals that make travel a little easier and more reassuring:

  • Located only 4 – 5 hours flights from the East Coast of Australia, we don’t have to contend with long haul flights.
  • Fiji is very much an outdoor destination. Its not about shopping and inside attractions, but rather days spent enjoying outdoor activities and dining, in the warm fresh air.
  • Compared to many popular international destinations, Fiji has very low density tourism. Resorts are low rise, spread out (a number of them located on their own island) and in the case of the many boutique resorts on offer, have fewer than 50 rooms available.
  • You can create your own travel bubble in a luxurious multi bedroom residence available at select resorts such as Nanuku Auberge, Kokomo Private Island or Vomo Island. With your own pool, butlers and private dining you can limit your ‘community’ to your nearest and dearest.

When the Pacific Bubble is given the green light, and most importantly, when YOU feel comfortable travelling again, Fiji will be ready to greet you with a big (safe) BULA!

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